50 Cases


6 month water supply for 1 Person
This supply consists of 50 cases with 24 cans each for a total of 1200 cans.
Each can holds 12 oz of safe drinking water.


Product Description

With this water supply you have 80 oz of safe drinking water available per day.
This item comes with FREE SHIPPING by truck freight! See additional details further below.

Canned in easy to use soda style aluminum cans, our 50 year shelf life canned drinking water is easy to dispense, carry and use during and after an emergency.

No can openers needed, just open the pull tab and drink to hydrate your body with life saving clean purified water.

12 oz of water per can
24 cans per case
2.25 gallons of water per case
purified through micro filtration, reverse osmosis, UV light treatment to eliminate bacteria
all materials used for packing can be recycled
easy to store anywhere at home, fits under the bed too
made in USA
canned in Southern California under strict regulations and permits

This canned drinking water has a 50 year shelf life guarantee and will save your life during and after an emergency, especially when clean and safe drinking water will be hard to come by.

Store enough water for at least 10 to 30 days so that you can be prepared for emergencies and disasters.


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