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Hormone Free Nonfat Dry Milk

Hormone-Free USDA Non-Fat Milk Powder 40 Serving Pouch


My Church is Ready is proud to offer NuManna Foods’ 2.3 Ib. bag of high quality milk product as part of your long-term storage. This quality product is Hormone Free, of the highest USDA standards, and has a 10-15 year shelf life. Preparation is simple – add water and stir vigorously. This milk tastes like the store bought milk you may be using now, if not better.

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Product Description

Where does milk usually come from? Cows of course! And what kind of cow does NuManna powdered milk come from? A Happy Cow. And NuManna’s cows are happy because they are not pumped full of Hormones. Unlike many other storable food companies, our powdered milk is Hormone-Free. And all our milk receives our proprietary bio-enhancement treatment and packaged correctly for long term storage before it is labeled NuManna Best. You get 40 servings of our highest-USDA grade Milk powder stored in resealable pouches.

1 Hormone-Free USDA Non-Milk Powder Pouch
40 Servings per pouch

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