Organic Milk Pouch 3 Pack
Organic Nonfat Dry Milk

3 Pack of Premium Organic Milk Powder 40 Serving Pouch


My Church is Ready is proud to offer NuManna’s Organic Milk Powder. We love how easy NuManna has made it to store and use a high quality milk product as part of your long-term storage. Each bag has over 2 lbs. of Organic milk powder and comes with a resealable top for convenience and to prevent spoilage. This Milk is Hormone-Free with a 10-15 year shelf life.

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In our pursuit of superior products My Church is Ready found NuManna Foods. NuManna is ahead of the curve in the industry. Their new Organic Milk Powder is just another example of this. NuManna focuses on manufacturing the best products for their family so you will never regret having NuManna to serve to yours. NuManna is the first food storage company to offer organic milk powder. Also, all NuManna’s milk receives a proprietary bio-enhancement treatment and packaged correctly for long term storage before it is labeled NuManna Best. You get 120 total servings in the 3-Pack.

3 Premium Organic Milk Powder Pouches
40 Servings per pouch
120 Total Servings

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