Canned Water (100 Cases)


For those that see the value in volume, you save $300 in this Blue Can deal. This supply consists of 100 cases with 24 cans per case. That’s an annual supply for one (1) person of 2400 cans. And with 12 oz. of purified and disinfected water per can you have 225 gallons of safe drinking water with a 50+ year shelf life. We think this is a great deal here at My Church is Ready.


Product Description

No can opener needed. Just pull tab and drink to hydrate your body with clean, purified water. Each of the 100 cases includes 24 cans of Blue Can water. There are 12 oz. of water per can, giving you 225 gallons of water in easy to access and open cans. The 12-step purification process includes: micro filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV light treatment to eliminate bacteria. Blue Can water also has a 50-year shelf life guarantee. NOTE: Federal Government with Homeland Security and the US Coastguard recommend storing one (1) gallon of water per day per person in case of emergency.
BPA Free – All materials used for packing can be recycled – Made in USA

24 cans per case
12 oz. of water per can
2.25 gallons of water per case
225 Total Gallons

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