Grab -n- Go (Triple)


The light, and easy to carry or store Gran –n- Go bucket times three. Each bucket contains 10 pouches that provide 80 servings of high quality food. You save $10 per bucket with the Triple Grab –n- Go.


Product Description

Something we like about NuManna foods here at My Church is Ready is that you don’t overpay and get oatmeal and sugary drink mixes. The NuManna Grab -n- Go is a perfect example. You get 70 Servings of gourmet lunches and dinners and only 10 Servings of Breakfast in each bucket. This is the lowest ratio of breakfast in the industry. You get what you pay for. And with NuManna you simply get the best you can buy.
Soy Free – GMO Free – No added MSG – No Aspartame – No High Fructose Corn Syrup

3 Grab n Go Buckets
240 Total Servings

Each Grab n Go bucket includes (10 servings of breakfast and 70 servings of lunch and dinner):
Sweet Habanero Chili with Pineapple (1 x 6 servings)
Classic Chili (1 x 10 servings)
Cheesy Potato Soup (1 x 10 servings)
Cheddar Broccoli Soup (1 x 10 servings)
Granola/Multi Grain Cereal (1 x 10 servings)
Mac n’ Cheese (1 x 6 servings)
Pasta Primavera (1 x 6 servings)
Enchilada, Beans and Rice (1 x 6 servings)
Pasta Alfredo (1 x 6 servings)
Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup (1 x 10 servings)

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