About My Church is Ready

Traditionally the Christian Church has been the backbone of American communities. In times of need churches should be in a position to support members and the communities they are serving. My Church is Ready is a collaboration of NuManna Foundation and Robert and Donna Schuller.

Our mission is to prepare churches and their members to be ready in times of disaster or great need.

My Church is Ready is a powerful tool offering information and products which can be a lifeline in the midst of storm. We strive to educate churches to possible emergencies and how to best prepare for them. Additionally we want to support churches and families in feeding those they are responsible for if any of these emergencies arise. Christians everywhere have a calling to be the salt of the Earth. My Church Is Ready has a calling to empower them with the supplies and tools to do just that in times of greatest need. Emergencies happen, My Church is Ready is here to make sure they don’t turn into disasters.

How it Works


My Church is Ready is centered around giving you and your congregation resources and information to help you make decisions to prepare yourself for potential emergencies. The real power of this program is when you open your mouth. Introducing this program to your Church leadership will allow it to reach its full potential.

At your request we will send your Church an information and sample pack. This is how your pastor is introduced to NuManna storable foods. They can get a feel for the quality and how easy it is to store. They also will be offered support to help host classes on preparedness every household could use. Your church will then sign up with My Church is Ready and get a special website that is only for your congregation and whoever they choose to share it with. Members of the church and their friends go to the site and as they purchase products for their own families a percentage is given back to the Church as a tithe offering.

With the Tithe offering the congregation may choose to build a supply of food and water to be stored at the church. They may choose to receive the money to go toward other projects they are working on. They may use the tithe offering to help feed and clothe those in their congregations who may need a little help now.

The goal is to strengthen churches organizational and logistic expertise to deal with emergencies. The family is also strengthened in like manner and a cohesive wall is built so all who are touched by My Church is Ready are better prepared for whatever may come.